UAB „Samsonas“ history


The company was founded in 1991 and the main work it did at that time was selling fresh fruit and vegetables.

In the year 1994  “Samsonas” began the meat processing business. At that point only 10 people were working at the refinery. Yet through the next few years the meat processing factory was greatly modernized. 

In the year 1997 UAB “Samsonas” bought the Šakiai slaughterhouse. The slaughterhouse was taken through a capital reconstruction: new technological devices, continuous operation lines, new freezing equipment were bought and set up. The built and reconstructed manufacturing premises are as big as 2000 square meters.

In the year 1999 “Samsonas” meat processing company got its first award with the product “Palangos gardžioji”, a cooked smoked sausage. This product was recognized as the “Lithuania’s finest product of the year 1999”. Shortly, the sausage became really popular as five other companies started producing it.

In the year 2004 “Samsonas” meat processing company once again went through a massive reconstruction and modernization. The company became modern as it met the new European Union veterinary, sanitary and hygienic requirements. More than 11 million Lithuanian Litas (approx. 3mln. Euros) were invested. 

In the year 2006 „Samsonas“ established a new logistics center based in
Kaunas. It meets all the European Union criteria and is of best quality.
The establishment of this new logistics center made sure that the products
are delivered and distributed to local and international business partners
with ease and convenience.

In the year 2007 the Integrated Quality management and Food safety
management system was installed to the meat business section. The
installed food safety and quality management, also the risk factor
analysis, guarantees the most effective work quality and the control of
manufacturing processes.

In the year 2010 „Samsonas“ meat refining company successfully
installed a brand new sewage treatment system in Sirvydai. It is the most
modern sewage treatment system across the Baltic countries. The system
completely clears out the sewage out of the water, therefore the water
released in to the river is absolutely harmless and clean.

UAB „Samsonas“ today

UAB „Samsonas“ has about 400 workers.

Each day our company can produce about 30-40 tons of meat products.

We are not only a strong team, also we are really competent specialists in our field of work. The company has a really small change of workers, as most of them have been working with us for as long as 10 years.

During one week we create at least two new products or improve the current ones.

 „Samsono“ mėsos perdirbimo įmonės komanda primena, kad renkantis mėsos gaminius svarbiausia tai, kiek juose yra mėsos!“

UAB „Samsonas“ goal – to continue improving in our products, shaping
good eating habits and striving to be the strongest producer of quality
meat products.
UAB „Samsonas“ vision – is to be a modern, innovative meat
processing company, which has a professional and creative working
team, striving to reach the top. We seek to create and innovate, yet still
follow our ways and traditions.
UAB „Samsonas“ mission is to please even the most selective consumer
needs in the meat product market and to form a healthy eating culture,
taking into account the wishes of the users.
UAB „Samsonas“ values are professionalism, competence,
innovativeness, creativeness, reliability and the respect for our workers,
clients and the environment.
UAB „Samsonas“ strength is that our company produces respected
meat products honestly from meat, with high quality and a good taste.
The best known and the most respected brand – „SAMSONAS“.

UAB „Samsonas“ advantages:

  • Dominating the market
  • High competence of our specialists
  • The trust of clients and a good reputation
  • Innovativeness
  • Highest quality products
  • We have our own slaughterhouse, which determines the best quality of our raw material
  • We have natural smokehouses (sawdust is used for the process of smoking)