Quality control


JSC “Samsonas” is a trusted, certified fruit, vegetable and meat processing company, which is successfully working for a long time following all the quality standards and producing only the best quality products. We are strictly following food security requirements and the manufacturing processes and always taking care of the fact that our customers get only the best quality production.

Integrated quality control and food security control system lets us control and ensure quality and  effective manufacturing.

Modern meat cutters, production forming devices, meat salting, heat treatment and prepacking devices are used  in our production factory.

In the year 2010 “Samsonas” installed the most modern sewage treatment system used in meat processing industry in the whole Baltic states. It cleans all the sewage, therefore the water that reaches the river is perfectly clean.

The logistics center founded in Kaunas, also meets all the required sanitary and hygiene requirements, which ensures the product quality before delivery to our clients.