Field of work


Modern slaughterhouse

Buys cattle and pigs from Lithuanian farmers

Slaughters and sells pig, cattle meat in sides and quarters

Has private transport which is used to deliver the production to clients

Offers livestock transportation service

Offers pig, cattle slaughtering service


Meat processing factory

Manufactures smoked, dried, cooked and marinated meat products and semi – finished products.

Sells fresh, frozen and cut pork and beef, also, meat products and semi – finished meat products.


Department of fruit and vegetables 

Cleans vegetables

Cuts carrots, onions, beetroots in straws and cubes.

Produces grated potatoes, dumpling dough, cooked marinated beetroots, marinated cabbages, soured cabbages and cucumbers.

Packs the production in to vacuum packages, polyethylene bags and plastic bowls.


Department of logistics


Offers customs services

Offers transportation services

Offers warehousing services